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Swiss lady look up male It s cold outside need heat for flirtbook

It's been a very cold winter here in the St.

It S Cold Outside Need Heat

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And yet, as soon as the temperature drops, we tend to turn the heating full on, which is not good for our health or the planet. Here are 5 simple, common-sense changes to help us keep warm in winter without increasing our CO 2 emissions. To prove the point, look no further than double and triple glazing, which traps air between each glass panel.

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5 ways to help your furnace deal with extreme cold weather

Cold weather does not get you sick. And if you go outside in the cold, be sure to bundle up and try to stay warm.

These viruses are all around us. Ask an adult to send your question to CuriousKidsUS theconversation. The cold, dry weather does play a role in winter snifflesbecause it can strengthen these virus invaders. Carolyn Kaloostian does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

The most common way to expose yourself to these germs is by inhaling virus-filled air or touching your eyes or nose with dirty hands. One called rhinovirus is responsible for around a third of the cases of runny noses and congestionbut can also cause more serious lung diseases.

If you do catch a cold, it is best to rest, drink plenty of water and contact your doctor for any worsening symptoms. Return to Learn — Norwich, Norfolk. The best way to avoid catching a cold is to wash your hands as often as possible, avoid anyone who is clearly sick and keep your immune system strong.

For example, viruses survive longer and multiply faster in the cooler regions of your nasal passages. Hello, curious kids! The new virus named nCoV is one of these.

There are over viruses that can cause a cold. Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages.

Please tell us your name, age and the city where you live. Viruses live in the environment all around you. In fact, the longer time you spend in the cold, the higher your risk of actually getting sick. To get sick, though, you still must be exposed to a germ.

How cold does it have to be to you turn on your heat and what temperature do you set it at?

In fact, a fever helps your body warm up and invigorates your immune system cells to fight infection. Carolyn KaloostianUniversity of Southern California. In the wintertime, people often stay indoors and are closer together in general, which encourages the spread of viruses. Will I get sick if I go out in the cold without a jacket?

Researchers have shown that cold temperatures weaken your immune system and thus your ability to fight off infections.