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The court reduced his sentence to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 25 years. The attack, which took place shortly after evening prayers and left many worshippers injuredsent shockwaves across Quebec and Canada.

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But the decision upholds most of the legislation, which bars public sector employees in Quebec al of authority, such as teachers and state prosecutors, from wearing religious symbols at work. Nigeria devalues naira as part of path to single exchange rate. Shortly before it was passed ina poll showed 64 percent of Quebecers were in favour of restricting religious symbols in the public sphere, compared with only 27 percent against.

Most Read. More from News. That can include the hijab worn by some Muslim women, Jewish yarmulkes or Sikh turbans.

But critics have said the law sends a dangerous message amid an uptick in anti-Muslim sentiment in Quebec, where a gunman opened fire on a mosque in the provincial capitalQuebec City, in Januarykilling six worshippers. The Quebec Court of Appeal is the highest court.

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Myanmar cardinal calls for end to violence after church attack. A court in the Canadian province of Quebec has struck down parts of a law that bars some public sector employees from wearing religious symbols such as the hijab on the job Quebec al but upheld most of the contentious legislation.

Quebec had invoked a seldom-used clause in the Charter to limit legal efforts against Bill 21, barring groups from arguing the law violated freedom of religion, among other protected rights. Canada: How Quebec elder care homes became coronavirus hotspots. Passed in JuneBill 21 Quebec al drawn widespread criticism as a violation of religious freedom, with civil rights and religious groups saying it would disproportionately harm Muslim women, who are already marginalised.

This was incorrect. Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, equality programme director at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association CCLAanother organisation involved in the case, said the groups would be closely reviewing the decision before determining their next steps.

Quebec court hears motion to freeze religious symbols bill. Specifically, it said the law infringes on Section 23which guarantees minority educational rights, as well as Section 3which outlines the right to serve in the provincial legislature. Muslim women in Quebec also have reported an uptick in harassment and violence, which they have linked to the passage of, and heated discourse around, Quebec al By Jillian Kestler-D'Amours.