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Marital delay, relationship dissolution and churning, and high divorce rates have extended the amount of time individuals in search of romantic relationships spend outside of marital unions. Collectively, we know much more about relationship formation and development, but research often remains balkanized among scholars employing different theoretical approaches, methodologies, or disciplinary perspectives. The study of relationship behavior is also segmented into particular life stages, with little attention given to linkages between stages over the life course.

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Habert, Jean. Dolce compares the effect of contemplating it to that of observing the Cnidian Venusand for the Spanish ambassador to Veniceit seemed an excellent painting but demasiado lascivo. A good example is Fontainebleaua source of inspiration for Philip II, where Francis I of France hung his picture collection in the bains, a set of seven rooms beside the palace gardens.

Rivals in Renaissance Venice Garrard, Mary D. Nature, art, and gender in Renaissance Cranston, JodiThe muddied mirror : materiality and figuration in Titian's Cassegrain, GuillaumeTintoretHazan Editions, pp.

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The earliest recorded reference to the poesie comes in a letter written to Philip from Veniceon 23 Marchin which Titian informs the prince that he has dispatched a portrait of him interim che metto al ordine le Poesiesuggesting that he was by then working on a project known to both.

Bettini, S. Crawford Volk, Mary. Philip may well have asked Titian, in Augsburgto produce a series of mythological paintings, leaving the painter free to choose both the themes and their treatment. Beroqui, Pedro.

Titian (tiziano vecellio)

This is because, until some time after his return to Spain in AugustPhilip had no fixed residence. This is because the surface of the Venus and Adonis was executed with very thin layers of paint, through which, as can be seen in parts of the sky, the preparation is visible, an effect noticeable in the contemporary Gloria at the Museo del Prado which Titian developed further in the later poesieculminating in the Rape of Europa Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The project must have been agreed by Titian and Philip inwhen the painter was summoned to the Imperial court at Augsburg.

Carlos III. IIPatrimonio NacionalMadrid, pp.

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Grosso, MarselFonti antiche e moderne per la pittura religiosa di Tiziano nel sesto decennioArte Veneta. Rearick, W. RTitian's later mythologies.

La pittura nel Veneto. National Galleries of ScotlandTitian and the golden age of venetian painting.


Ponz, Antonio. Titian was concerned about the lighting in the spaces where his works were to be hung, and the lack of specific references may for the uniform lighting of the poesiewhere the figures barely cast shadows. In turn, these works became models for numerous replicas.

Zeri, F. Venetian school. Allure and devotion in late renaissance painting. In other contemporary works such as Saint Nicholas of Barithe Transfiguration or the Annunciationpainted for Venetian churches, the lighting is more carefully focused. The earliest reference to paintings in the building, dating frommakes no mention of them, although the record is incomplete.

Zeitz, LisaTizian, teurer Freund. Gentili, AugustoDa Tiziano a Tiziano. Mito, poder y erotismo en la pintura occidentalCultiva Libros, pp. Walther, AngeloTizianE. Seemann VerlagLeipzig, pp.

The status of the Prado Venus and Adonis rests on its quality of execution, which is greatly superior to that of any other version, rather than on its composition, which follows earlier versions of the subject. Burke, Marcus B. Museo Nacional del PradoMuseo del Prado.

The survival of mythological painting in counter- reformation VeniceForms of faith in sixteenth-century Italy : culture and reli Graphik als Spiegel der Malerei : Meisterwerke der Reprodukt Colloquio internazionale TokyoL' arte erotica del rinascimento : atti del colloquio intern Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese.

Tizian und Federico Gonzaga : Kunstp Checa Cremades, F. En Historias inmortalesBarcelona, pp. A farewell to Giorgione. The fact that the series was not produced for an existing space may have had aesthetic repercussions.

Lingo, StuartFederico Barocci. Arroyo Esteban, S. Rubin, PatriciaArt History from the bottom upArt history Zamperini, AlessandraPaolo VeroneseArsenale, pp.

A strong contributor to this effect were the buttocks of Venusthe part of the female anatomy that most excited the imagination of male contemporaries; but it is also likely that it was her scandalous behaviour, this being the only occasion in the series of poesie in which a woman takes the initiative in a movement that merges her desperate effort to restrain her lover with a seductive embrace.

Pallucchini, RodolfoTizianoIG. SansoniFlorencia, pp. Titian often gave his patrons works of art, but never ventured to take the initiative in a project on this large scale.

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This judgment is reinforced by technical evidence. Aguilera, Emiliano M. Salas, Xavier deMuseo del Prado. Sarfatti, Margarita G. Beroqui, PedroTiziano en el Museo del Prado.

Wethey, Harold E. Fasolo, UgoTicianoBecocciFlorencia, pp. Joannides, P. Shoaf Turner, J. IX, pp.

Partnering across the life course: sex, relationships, and mate selection

Abrams, Inc. Guillaud, M. Vosters, Simon A. Huse, N. Londres, pp. Cohen, Simona. Dunkerton, J. Pocobene, A. Wivel, M'Titian. Sutton, Peter C. Colecciones de PinturaLunwerg EditoresBarcelona, pp. Inventario Palacio Nuevo.

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Gronau, GeorgTitianDuckworth and Co. Charles ScribnersLondres-Nueva York, pp. Among the rooms not included were those located beside the gardens; these would be the most likely location of the poesieto judge by contemporary views on the placing of mythological paintings both abroad and in Spain.

Nichols,TDefining genres. Titian took up this theme again twenty years later in various compositions, one of which served as the point pf departure for the work belonging to the Museo del Prado. Rosand, DavidTitian. The two human figures and the principal elements of the composition were laid in by tracings, and those tracings coincide precisely with the surface of the Moscow painting.

Bermejo de la Rica, A. Fernandez Bayton, GloriaInventarios reales.